Monday, October 18, 2010

autumn update

hello dear blog readers!
we have a lot of exciting things happening over hear and a few not so exciting things.
I'll start with the not so exciting:
-Bennah has been SICK. malaria. She's just started eating and we are praying for a SPEEDY recovery because we really love her and she's making some stellar new designs.
-Our dear Norwegian friend Eirik left last week. We selfishly wished he could just stay forever or until we leave but we wish him all the luck in the world! Thank you for making us laugh and for introducing us to the Nyenga community, but importantly thank you for your friendship! we miss you!

now for exciting news!:
-We are meeting with a possible NEW TAILOR this Wednesday.
-We are starting the endeavor of teaching money management to our tailors - this doesn't sound that exciting right? well, it was THEIR idea. talk about self-empowerment!
- There are 11 kids right down the road from our house (ok so they're far down the main road branch left onto a very dusty dirt road slope right at the train tracks onto a "path" pass the evangelical world vision church and there they are!) who are part of an ever growing children's home.

(me & paulina)


(ivan - one of the newest additions :)

The children's home also currently teaches kindergarten to children from the community who can't afford school and gives them each a nutritious meal a day. They also will be teaching English during school holidays. They have future hopes of building a clinic and a school. They currently do not have a clean water source...that's where tukula comes in and where YOU come in. The excess profits from the sale of the bags goes towards building them a rainwater harvesting tank (which we will start constructing in December for the home and in the future for the school!) - so keep shopping, friends!

lots of love,
The Terranova's