Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The past few days have been some what of a whirlwind. People coming and going, babies being born, and slowly getting used to the idea of still having over a year here in Uganda. To say the least I’m nervous to say the most I’m so excited. But isn’t it the most to say the least?

Sunday was a bittersweet day. Seeing Morgan leave was hard – she had become such a source of encouragement and joy here in Uganda (Morgan, you are surely missed, sister, by everyone.) Seeing Joe arrive was such a sign of God’s faithfulness and love.Yes, Joe is finally in Uganda. After months of longing and wishing he is here. It’s been surreal showing him around this land that I love and introducing him to people I have talked about for so long. It brought me so much joy to see him experience village life for the first time yesterday. The village has been such a huge part of my being since I was a small child sitting in a pew at church listening to missionaries talk about tribes in Venezuela or untouched people in Paraguay. It meant a lot to me for Joe to be there so he can understand my heart a little bit more.

We were only in Danida for a few minutes and it started to rain. So we found shelter in the SUUBI building with Carol and JaJa Margaret and two of her children. We started making necklaces with them and then Carol told me that Veronica (a new member of SUUBI) was having labor pains. I was so excited to hear that but when we went to see her I started feeling so scared for her. This 18 year old girl was having her first baby. We all got on pikis and headed for the main hospital in Jinja. Veronica is such a strong girl – she had to walk quite a ways just to sit and wait for a nurse to see her. Joe and I waited with her awhile but realized we weren’t very much help- and probably made here even more nervous. So we gave Carol our number and told her to call us when Veronica had her little one. We got a call today saying that she had a boy. We are going to visit tomorrow and I’m sure I will upload photos sometime soon.When Joe and I are getting ready to leave Africa a little over a year from now Veronica’s child will be turning one and I will think back to yesterday and how I was so scared for Veronica. So much is going to happen in the next year. More people will come and go, babies will be born, and I will be here through it all. But for now I am just waiting and anticipating and taking it a day at a time.

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  1. nice! my mom called me and told me that your flight was delayed. bummer, how was being on a plane for nineteen hours? bobby looks like he could be future creamu penge material. happy to hear all is well and that you are enjoying your time there. i like that picture with you and all the beads! well, hope all continues to go well, miss you buddy. peace and love and merry christmas/possible kwanzaa?!?