Tuesday, January 27, 2009

We are getting married this Friday!! The ceremony will be (God willing) at the ‘Source of the Nile Gardens’. This is the place that marks the site of where John Speke founded the source of the Nile River (where it begins, leading out of Lake Victoria). We are having the ceremony at around 6pm our time, so that is 10am Eastern Standard Time. Your prayers would be much appreciated leading up to this time and during it as well. Please pray that God would prepare our hearts for service to one another and thus to God. We will be thinking of you back home, as well.

After we get married, there will be a celebration dinner back at the volunteer house and then we leave that evening for Entebbe, Uganda – and the next morning, to Zanzibar in Tanzania, until Thursday evening.

Lots of pictures and stuff coming after we get back!


- love, joseph and melissa

“But Christian love abides and for that very reason is Christian love. For what perishes blossoms and what blossoms perishes, but that which has being cannot be sung about – it must be believed and it must be lived.” – S. Kierkegaard


  1. I am so happy for you both! I will be thinking of you tomorrow and praying for a wonderful ceremony. You are both beautiful, beautiful people. We all miss you so much back here in PA. it has been FREEZING cold, so you most certainly are in a better place. I love you and God Bless.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE (mountain goats?!)
    Sarah DeSilva

  2. Well Joey, it's been a long hard road, and I've been privileged to know you for the past thirteen years, so it pains me greatly that i cannot stand by your side on this joyous day. However, in roughly six hours, you will be a married man, and I'm sure the excitement, and maybe a little bit of nervousness is mounting at this moment, but I want you to know that I am thinking and praying for you, and that I am with you in spirit. Who would've thought this is where life would take us eh? I can still fondly recall sleep-overs when we talked about moving to Canada and opening up our own hockey shop. Anyway, I wanted to be the first to CONGRATULATE you, and heavens knows I won't be up at 10 a.m. at this rate, so, all that to say I love the both of you! and I love your love for each other, and am rejoicing that you've been brought together to glorify God with each other! Finally, I hope that your love and knowledge of each other continues to develop, and that you never lose sight of the goodness that has joined the both of you! I wish I could be there to see it, but I will raise a toast for you and Melissa with the boys tomorrow night at Applebees. Enjoy your moment brother, I miss you, and can't wait til we reunite, with you as a married man...

  3. Congratulations you two! May the blessings of God be poured into your union!