Monday, April 5, 2010

It is dark outside and as I write this the sky is putting on an extravagant show - bright stars fill the sky and because bukaya is not near town you can actually see them in full effect. You can't see the lake but if you look closely you can see little lights on the fishermen's boats. It's beautiful - one of the many reasons why I don't mind paying the extra transport fees to get to town because we are farther away.

I don't really have many new things to report about tukula we are still in listening/planning phase. We are going to the capital tomorrow (kampala) to purchase materials for our home decor and accessories line (yep no more clothing line - just wasn't so cost effective or very practical right now). I'm extremely excited and overwhelmed all at the same time. Once we have some details nailed down - I will be so HAPPY to update you all with more of our new business model.

Joe and I are doing extremely well - we are really content with where we are - we really love our house and the people who live here with us. we enjoy our neighbors and the lake view and have been laughing so much and feeling the JOY of the Lord here. but there are often times when I think about how LUCKY I am to have this opportunity. one of our neighbors is this very humble 22 year old boy named Pius and he's the same age as me but wasn't able to finish school because of lack of money and is now looking for work. I keep asking Joe if we could just make up a job for him because I feel this crazy connection with him (we didnt make up a job but he will be cutting [or slashing with a machete] our yard every two or three weeks) - he was born the same year as me - I have this great big opportunity to help a lot of people but this boy cant even help himself...In my prayers I keep asking God "why me? why not pius?" and I definitely walk away from prayer time with more questions than answers. My heart is running wild and I'm enjoying all these thoughts but also feeling a bit guilty, but I know my God is good and He loves Pius! : )

not much else to report.
thanks for all your prayers and love!

ps- happy easter!


  1. Mmmm SO ready for those stars and those skies :)Not making clothes?! Do write about this in an email/ blog post soon!

  2. Oh and I can't wait to meet Pius too :)

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  4. "I have this great big opportunity to help a lot of people but this boy cant even help himself..."

    wow, what a humbling place to be in before the feet of God.......

  5. Melissa, I have been following for awhile now and am so inspired by what you are doing. Love that you are completely allowing God to use you so fully! Would love to know more about the project and the switch from clothes. Blessings to you!