Monday, May 10, 2010

quick update

Meet Carol...

Carol is currently working as a bead roller for SUUBI but is also doing some piece meal work for us while we receive applicants and interview future Tukula employees. She is very humble and does great work and we are happy that we get to work with her for a small period of time.

We currently have one bag design that is pretty popular and we are working on some smaller pieces as well. I'm really excited about everything and hoping to get a package sent to America by the end of June.

We are still enjoying Uganda. many hilarious things happen on a daily I got called Auntie Mombasa by a little girl in Masese.. bless her heart - my name is just too hard. I often get Auntie Musa or Auntie Molesta...My motorbike driver once called me Mwanza and kept insisting it was the most beautiful name ever...haha : ) We sometimes have people walk through our gate and come right up to our door selling bread or avocados or all kinds of different things - It usually ends with us being really confused because we have no idea what they're saying and them leaving bummed because we didn't purchase their goods. We had a chicken die in our yard a couple days ago - not quite sure what killed it but it was our neighbors chicken and I felt awful. It's pretty hilarious though because we are constantly have our neighbors chickens walk around our yard and we insist on locking our gate every night- I'm assuming if a chicken can get in a person can figure out how to get in too. A couple of weeks ago I was need to transport two book shelves to our house from town and so we strapped them on a motorbike and the driver said "OK now you get on.."so there I was smooshed between two bookshelves and my driver - I laughed the entire way down the bumpy old bridge path home. I really enjoy the simplicity of life here and sometimes can't imagine my life anywhere else - but I sure do miss people in America and sometimes can't imagine living away from them for long. If only I could have the best of both worlds. (Oh, Hannah Montana how do you do it?!) : )

Keep us in your prayers as we are making some important decisions this week.
much love,

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  1. oh man. i laughed out loud at this:

    "so there I was smooshed between two bookshelves and my driver"