Sunday, June 13, 2010

oh, June, you move way too fast

So much to write but not much time.
This little one has been occupying much of our time:

along with cleaning up several food messes, killing ants and cockroaches, trying to be a better wife, trying to figure out this whole tukula business thing, trying to figure out what this super complicated crying baby (who I love unconditionally) wants, future thoughts, researching the world's water crisis, making meals, washing pooped clothes/sheets (by hand no less!), Joe being sick, me feeling sick, kampala, fabric fabric fabric, crying baby, dealing with our super particular but sweet landlord, date nights, the bat-man, playing with the neighbor kids, crying baby, attempting to return emails, meeting new friends - fostering relationships with old friends, etc etc etc

good and bad - I love it all.
Becaham's up and here goes another day...


  1. 'here goes another day...'
    i love it. in the craziness of it all, you and joe are exactly where you're supposed to be!
    keep pressing hard into life.

  2. look at that cute little baby...... :) you go mama! and daddy! (just practice) :) LOVE YOU PEOPLE!

  3. Melissa! Can you write more about Becaham :-) Who is this baby? Cutie!

  4. You can read about him here!

    This is so great to see Tukula teaming up with Serving His Children! haha I love it.