Friday, August 27, 2010

we recently finished this beautiful wholesale catalog.

A catalog with just the items we feel ok about wholesale-ing (meaning: the ones that we can pump out a lot faster than the ones we cannot because for some reason we can make 30 burlap clutches in a week but it's like pulling teeth to complete 10 wallets in a week...but I digress : )...) So we are asking that if you know of any boutiques or markets or anyone really who you think would want to purchase 10 (minimum) or more of our products at a whole sale price please send me an email ( or leave their contact in a comment and I will send them our catalog! I promise you these ladies would be so grateful:

(esther, 31 years old: In the center of Madhavani Market you will most likely find Esther hard at work, making her neighbors laugh, or quite possibly both. She is a single mother of 4 children: Prince, Precious, Posh, and Shami - the most joyful family you will ever meet!)

(Prossy, 33 years old: The best friend and side-kick of Esther, Prossy is the shy one of the two. They became such good friends while Esther was teaching her how to sew. She is a hardworking single mother of 2 with an always sunny disposition [like Mary Poppins!])

(Bennah, 25 years old: This young newlywed was the first tailor to join the tukula team. She came to Jinja after finishing off tailoring school in Uganda's capital city [Kampala]. She always takes pride in her work and often tells us she will "try her level best"!)



  1. GREAT guys!

    There are lots of botiquey shops around Boulder here so if you sent us a catalog we can spread the love!

  2. I love, love, LOVE the line! I have a great idea!?!? Just emailed you:)

  3. love the blog. i look forward to meeting your tailors.

  4. every time I read that prossy is 33 i do a double take, she looks so much younger than 22! love these ladies so much and praying for them (and you two) constantly!

  5. oh i will have to think of i know of any boutiques. can't wait to see more of the line! so happy all is going well. :)