Sunday, March 22, 2009

not much to report here.

working on the EPOH bags -- looking for/cutting fabric, thread, zippers, rows and rows of lining, getting measurements, writing guidelines, inquiring about screen printing, waiting and praying for our artisans.

The SUUBI ladies are always. making us laugh until the tears flow. I can't imagine life without them. They are too good for me. Teaching me about life and love..and other mysteries. I am blessed.

There's a lot on our hearts and minds.
But not much to write.

Mom, sometimes January seems to far away.
I miss you the most -- may God bless you in ways you never thought were possible.

Love you all so much,


  1. Melissa,
    John Schulz's mom here (not sure if you and John crossed paths or not--he's the big red-head from MN).
    Recently, I realized that I neglected to offer thanks and blessings to Betty and the women of SUUBI for taking such good care of John. It was for this purpose I logged on this morning. My heart is so saddened to hear of little Kimbi's illness and Betty's agony. As a mother, I can feel her panic and desperation. Please continue to fight against the status-quo of trusting in substandard medical care--however well intentioned. Every child deserves the very best we can provide. Good for you.
    I also share your concern over the developing dependence on "hand-outs" instead of "hand-ups". This system has certainly erroded the character of many in our own culture--visiting its subtle enslavement unto generations of families. It is easy to see how a people who have experienced such trauma would opt for the safety of a camp and the security of free sustenance. But take heart! Now that many are realizing the new security they can experience outside the camps--there will be more and more that decide to strike out on their own--as long as there are people like you there to remind them that this option is indeed possible.
    Carry on, and know htat I'll be offering specific prayers on your behalf every day.
    Oh, and please--would you convey my heart-felt gratitude to the women of SUUBI and Betty for their love and caring while John was with them? We will pray for Kimbei's recovery.

    In His love,
    Darcy Schulz

  2. lovely lady,
    this was a beautiful post.
    i also pray your mom is blessed.
    she is a wonderful lady.
    love you. julie