Friday, March 6, 2009

hi friends, it's me, Melissa, because Joe doesn't update ever. He likes people to think he's mysterious or something. : )

I really don't have much to say.
Just trying really hard to not miss my mom and family so much. and trying extremely hard to not get drained or burdened by all the sad stories we hear and walls are being built on our end and I hate that. But I don't have any money -- I wish I did. I wish that I could offer the ugandan people more -- whether it would be for their own good or not.

I hear about how the american economy is crashing and how people are losing jobs and how its a big deal there and I'm sad for america I really am but it's been happening here for a long ride around on bikes hoping to give people rides to town or to home or to anywhere just for a few shillings and thats their job. And I honetly think they are just thankfull for a job. maybe america needs to get creative? maybe we should all find new ways of working and being thankfull.

I'm not in america though and I haven't been for six months so I really don't know everything. maybe this is why joe doesn't update...we really dont know what were talking about.

anyways I'm going to go cut fabric for the new EPOH bags and probably scare joe with my louis armstrong impression (that always seems to lighten our hearts).


  1. Actually, I agree with you Melissa (on the whole economy stuff). You're perspective is right and being here in America I can fully say that America needs to be brought to their knees and needs to get creative.
    Praying for your hearts!!!!

  2. love your blog, ditto what rachel said. why didnt you ever do that louis armstrong impression when i was around?

  3. BRian And Linds HEre:)

    brian: Totally missing you guys and warmed by the thought of you! happy to be in tejas though for sure... I never update either for partially the same (mysterious persona) reasons... or mabey its just laziness, i cant remember. So im giving the computer to lindsey.......

    lindsey: hi! i've totally been meaning to contact you guys... was so happy to see your comment on my blog! i like your faces! :) :) :) been thinking about you guys and hope all is well... we are good... eating tasty-tasty things and trying to figure out what the heck we are doing here! ha!

    brian says tell you guys that he loves you.

    WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

    miss you-love you-miss you-love you-miss you

    (and little lu)