Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Charles (our head EPOH tailor and friend) returned to Jinja a few weeks ago. And since then EPOHbags in Uganda has been coming to life. It's unreal to hold the bags that I for so long thought about and envisioned. It's beautiful to be able to meet the artisans that I have been wondering about and praying for.
Their stories of great sorrow have turned into rejoicing. And when we talked to Charles about EPOH he sometimes covers his face and just says "afoyo afoyo afoyo" (thank you). Agnes (our second official tailor) likes to scratch my back when I speak in Luo or really when I say anything. I've slowly become quite a bit restless here in Jinja...and feel as though I just go through the motions most days...but these small glimpses of heaven (or what I believe to be some sort of heaven) that I have found in these tailors renew and refresh me.
slowly by slowly I'm feeling a little bit fuller.

Joe and I spent some time in town with Kymbi this morning, buying many meters of liner, spools and spools of thread, zippers, and I hit the jackpot at a small stall in central market where a lady pulled out scraps and scraps of some of the most beautiful fabrics (to all future EPOH costumers, please know that the fabrics on your bag are specially hand picked, original, and recycled)!

Tomorrow we are going to have a small photo shoot with our three wonderful tailors.
super excited about that even though our camera isn't nice -- we just get to be more creative this way! During my senior year of high school I was almost certain that I was going to go to Delaware college of art and design to study photography. after a visit to south east asia a few weeks after graduation day I knew for certain that was not what I was going to do. God had different ideas of how He wanted to use my photography. afoyo to the creator of all good things!

get ready, friends, EPOH is coming!


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your photography! i love when you guys post pictures.