Thursday, April 2, 2009

I'm just here/

8 new visitors at the house right now.
7 leave in a week and 1 leaves in three months.
explaining and showing where everything is.
trying to pump out some bags for summer festivals.
working on Flavour of the Month necklace designs and getting proper paper.
wishing Betty wouldn't take kymbi to get so many un-needed injections.
dealing with ridiculous ATM's.
visiting the old men at market who give fair price.
making the 3 hour trek to the airport and back two times this week.
cooking and cleaning and cooking and cleaning.
praying for our head tailor to return as quickly as possible.
praying for all sorts of things!


  1. it's charles, right? that you are getting to help with the bags? or maybe i'm remembering wrong. i'm excited to see the progression though. and the fabrics you've found.
    thats a lot of things going on.
    i have exciting things to share.
    don't get too overwhelmed.
    take time for breathing, and relaxing, and showers at NRE.
    love you big.